Week 25/2019

Week 24/2019

Week 23/2019

Week 22/2019

  • COMMUNIA copyright directive implementation strategy meeting [402km]
  • New position: research fellow at the Institute for Information law of the University of Amsterdam

Week 21/2019

Week 20/2019

Week 19/2019

Week 18/2019

Week 17/2019


Week 16/2019

Week 15/2019

Week 14/2019

Week 13/2019

Week 12/2019

Week 11/2019

  • A Vision for a Shared Digital Europe presentation at BEUC/OSEPI workshop on "A Human-Centric Roadmap for Digital Europe"[402km]

Week 10/2019

Week 09/2019

Week 08/2019

  • Updated Internet is for the people to reflect final Copyright Directive trilogue outcome
  • Europeana Network Association Management Board handover meeting [72km]
  • New website
  • A Vision for a Shared Digital Europe presentation at the Europeana Foundation Governance Board Changing Landscapes Working Group meeting [102km]

Week 07/2019

Week 06/2019

Week 05/2019


Week 04/2019

Week 03/2019

is Paul Keller providing strategic advice and doing research at the intersection of technology, copyright, culture & public policy. Depending on the task, I can shape-shift between being a systems architect, a researcher, a lobbyist, an activist or a cyclist. Say hello!

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