The revival of instagram filters? (the Article 17 kind)

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Teresa highlighted the fact that a lot of music has moved to Instagram Live over the last few weeks and that (at least in Portugal) IG is not paying a single thing to artists or labels, even though there is a lot of reuse of musical content in the form of DJ sets and the like. With more and more music moving from YouTube to IG this makes you wonder how IG/FB is getting away with this and if Article 17 of the new copyright directive (once implemented) will make a difference here.

Seems like IG is a much more interesting case to watch in order to understand if/how Article 17 works in practice than YouTube (which essentially have Article 17 compliance build in already).

Related: The NY Times has a longish piece on how hip-hop has found a new home on Instagram live which contains the following passage which calls the whole perfomance rights situation on Instagram Live “murky”:

Instagram Live is also an area of murky performance rights and song clearances. (None of those involved with the major events of the last few weeks noted any issues with copyright, but other D.J.s have complained of having their streams muted or interrupted, presumably for infringement.)